Is it safe to say that you are tired of only receiving 1% -2% interest from your bank and CD accounts? Do the unpredictable returns of the stock market make you nervous? Do you desire attractive, consistent income from your investments? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, Trust Deed investments might be ideal for you. They offer exceptional yields with reasonable levels of risk. Depending on the risk level you are comfortable with, you can earn from 7% – 12% and get paid month to month. Whether you want to be very conservative or more aggressive, we can craft a solution for you.

An opportune time to take advantage of Trust Deed Investing

Interest rates are at historic lows, so it is tough to get a decent return from savings, C.D.s, or even bond-type investments. Real Estate values, however, are on the rise, and opportunities exist to provide short-term capital at attractive interest rates. Numerous industry specialists and land financial backers are under the impression that Trust Deed contributing is an incredible method to misuse the Real Estate market. Discover how we can produce exceptional yields and month-to-month income while ensuring your head with super low credit to esteem California Trust Deeds ventures. Only from WE Direct Lending INC.

Experienced investors know Real Estate goes both up and down in value. But, as a lender, your money is protected by the equity in a home, so if the market drops, you aren’t necessarily losing anything. For instance, if you make a loan at a 70% loan to value, then you do not lose a dime until the market drops 30% in value. This protection makes Trust Deed investing extremely attractive. Safe, Reliable, and Yielding 8% – 12% Returns.

We will help you with all aspects of trust deed investment so as to make the entire process easy and effective for each investor. First Deed of Trust private home loan notes are extraordinary compared to other kept insider facts in the speculation market today and offer exceptional returns with wellbeing and security. We will help with all parts of the trust deed contributing, which are expected to accept the job of turning into the bank, fronting capital, and making a constant flow of high rate returns and month-to-month pay.

We Only Lend On Properties With Substantial Equity

Equity is what protects a lender. Therefore, we focus on getting as much collateral as possible for each loan and typically target 20% – 30% equity cushions for our loans. This gives substantial protection and comfort to each investor during tough real estate markets. For each situation, whenever we present credit freedom to you, there will consistently be at least 30% value in the property. Beginning our financial backers out with 30% makes our way to deal with trust deeds contributing moderate and particularly interesting to even the wariest customers.

The Benefits and Advantages Of Investing with WE Direct Lending, INC.

• Diversification: WE lend in BOTH CA and other states.
• Your IRA’s, Trusts, Pension Plans, Partnerships or Corporations can be used.
• A.L.T.A Title insurance policy is typically available for Trust Deed investments.
• Competitive interest rates currently paying 7% – 12% (depending on risk),
• Notes can be sold or traded if you need liquidity.
• Both short and intermediate term notes are available.
• Interest is typically paid monthly.

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