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We offer a customized approach to our borrowers and investors. Our comprehensive experience with real estate and knowledge about investment gives us the edge to provide you with fast and reliable service.


What we offer 

WE Direct Lending is a private money real estate lender that caters to borrowers and investors. Whatever your vision is about, we are happy to hear about your borrowing and investment needs. We are here to help craft a solution that works for your unique needs.


A reliable source of funding is essential when investing in real estate. WE Direct Lending offers asset-based loans for acquisition, construction, improvements, and fix and flip projects. At times, making an opportunity work for the borrower may require out-of-the-box thinking, and our team prides itself in helping you to find a way to make the deal work.



Our focus is to provide solutions to your clients. WE Direct Lending offers creative solutions to help you close your deals. Additionally, we can help you uncover new sources of funds to buy real estate and create new opportunities for your clients by providing financing for estates, trusts, and tax strategies.


Mortgage Brokers

We love to partner with mortgage brokers for their clients and transactions that need a direct lender that can perform efficiently when others cannot. While traditional lenders can assist you with regular transactions, some will require a more advanced approach. That’s when WE Direct Lending comes in! We are the ideal partner you can count on to help you close residential and commercial real estate deals where finance is a concern.



Is it safe to say that you are tired of agreeing to under 1% get back with your CDs? Are you worn out on playing the instability game with your stock portfolio? If your answer is yes to either of the questions, Trust Deed contributing might be ideal for you. They offer exceptional yields with aloof associations. Our customers are procuring from 8% – 12% premium paid month to month. From the very first moment, our customers venture into their Trust Deed speculation with at least 30% defensive value.


Private Money Loan vs. Traditional Loan

Mar 21, 2023

"I recently completed a refi with WE Direct Lending and found that, not only were they able to offer much lower interest rates than anyone else I spoke with, they were extremely responsive and able to move quickly to resolve issues that arose during the process due to my complicated financial situation. I highly recommend them."

Derek S.

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WE Direct Lending is comprised of reputable business experts with illustrious experience in the financing industry. We promote the principle of financial inclusion, safe lending for the borrowers, and excellent opportunities for investors. We also aim to provide simple and convenient financing for borrowers, realtors, and mortgage brokers.

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